Technology Protection

Intellectual Property (IP, IPR) is a tool to protect technology and interesting combo of business, law and technology.

Competum provides consulting to protect technology and products with Intellectual Property.  This consulting includes assistance in creating or revising Intellectual Property strategy or policies as well as development or management of Intellectual Properties. Protection may be achieved e.g. with patents or trademarks, which need to be applied and managed geographically with assistance of patent and trademark attorneys, or with copyrights and trade secrets, which may be managed with agreements.

Competum services includes e.g.:

  • 1st line support and contact for any IP issues
  • Creating and updating Intellectual Property Strategy, policies and goals aligned with business goals
  • Creating and supporting patent and trademark management processes and action plans
  • Supporting contract negotiations from IP perspective (M&A, alliances, joint ventures, licensing, subcontracting, R&D, projects and delivery agreements)
  • Support for open source licenses and governance